Interday Pt. 2 – The Clarence

The Clarence. 4 Pints.

This is where ‘Neil Dovestone’ had his last documented conversation before he set off to the ‘top of the mountain’. It has a friendly cat, does good pubby food and the bar manager has been great about recharging my travel charger after I found out my adapter was knackered. He’s using his own phone adapter. It’ll take a couple of hours to charge enough to get me through the rest of the trip. I could see the spot where Neil Dovestone was found yesterday as I was madly dashing to beat the sunset. It’s an odd spot to just stop… It’s not quite at the top of the reservoir road, but far enough up that you’d think someone who had a sense of wanting to get ‘somewhere’ would’ve ploughed on for the extra feet.

So I’m here with a pint feeling a bit of a cheat for not doing the whole 100 miles in one slog. But I needed to recover after walking pretty much solidly for 15 hours yesterday. When my alarm went off at 7 I pressed ‘infinite snooze’.

My neighbours in the campsite are all here for months. The couple to the left are here till October ‘living the dream’ – this is their home now – and the guy to my right is pitched up while his house is done up. He’s taken six weeks off work and seems to spend his days at another Greenfield pub, charging his phone and getting mildly addled – like I’m doing now. I want to know more about the circumstances behind these lenghthy campings, but I’m a bit shy of prying.

I’m going to eat and then set off back to the campsite with hopefully a full charger. Up at 4am tomorrow so I can set off at 6 and get some miles behind me while it’s still cool.

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