Interday Pt. 1 – Well’i’Hole Campsite

Alphin Pike at sunset was so beautiful, but the walk to the campsite was a trial. At first, before I took the wrong turn, I was walking down quiet moonlit lanes being buzzed by bats, enjoying knowing I was close to the site. The misnavigation was at the route planning stage. I’d planned this bit on Google Earth and not spotted I was taking myself back up a steep hill again. Arsehole. I could’ve just gone down to the main road and followed that up here. Instead I was clambering over field boundaries in the dark and skidding down steep narrow twitches. I guess I’d expected to be doing that in daylight. Still moments of real beauty though.

A problem with this walk so far is that it’s been too… fraught. It’s been HIKE PITCH EAT SLEEP EAT PACK HIKE without any time to take stock and enjoy where I’ve got to. After walking for such a long time yesterday I’ve decided to reset things and make things a touch more lesiurely. If I can find a plug socket and a meal in Greenfield today I can stay another night without depleting any of my rations. Then I can set off tomorrow SUPER EARLY and pitch up at my next wild camping spot with a few spare hours before I need to sleep. I’ll also avoid some of the roaring sun, if it keeps up as threatened.

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